Archive List


(In no paticular order:)

    • Movie Edition (Original, Sequel Pack v1 & v2, Deluxe, 2nd Edition)

    • Junior Edition (Game & Promos)

    • Friends Edition

    • Pirates of the Caribbean Edition

    • Glee Edition

    • HBO Edition

    • Harry Potter (1st) Edition

    • Seinfeld Edition

    • Squabble Edition

    • Twilight Edition

    • Twilight Saga Edition

    • TV Edition (Game, Deluxe, To Go)

    • Comedy Movies

    • Sports Edition

    • Disney Edition (1st and 2nd Edition, Magical Moments, To Go)

    • Nickelodeon Edition (Game & Promos)

    • The Simpsons Edition

    • 80's Edition

    • Turner Classic Movies Edition

    • Music Edition (Main, 80s To Go)

    • Warner Bros. 50th Anniversary Edition (Main game)

Not Archived

(Again, in no paticular order:)

    • Scene It? Comcast VOD Promos (High Priority)

    • Most Game Packs

    • Some Deluxe Editions

    • Most To Go/Travel Editions

    • Demo Flash Games

    • Most Promotional Discs

    • Harry Potter 2nd Edition

    • Harry Potter: The Complete Cinematic Journey (2011)

    • James Bond Edition

    • Marvel Comics Edition

    • Doctor Who Edition

    • The OC Edition

    • FIFA Edition

    • Disney Channel Edition

    • Star Trek Edition

    • Namco Edition

    • Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten Edition

    • Lights, Camera, Action Video game

    • Box Office Smash Video game

    • Bright Lights! Big Screen! Video game

    • Movie Night Video game

    • Twilight Video/Mobile game

    • Harry Potter HD Mobile game


Games that are not important at the moment/Games that are considered lost media

    • All Blast! Versions (Game made by the same company; Screenlife, LLC.)

    • Star Wars Edition (Cancelled, but prototypes may exist somewhere.)

    • Movie Night Edition (Cancelled, but prototypes may exist somewhere.)

    • Scene It? Daily (Web game)

    • Scene It? Online (Web game)


The Scene It? Archive is an ongoing project to preserve all of the Scene It? games for the public to enjoy. Ever since Paramount bought and closed Screenlife sometime in 2012 (and revived in 2022 with Gamestar), I have been searching for all kinds of thrift stores and online marketplaces to archive as many versions of the original Scene It? games as I can possibly find. This project is only meant to be for archival purposes and is meant to replace the fragile and easily scratch-able physical discs that came with the game, especially the ones that are targeted to kids.